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Time is like a broken clock.

Jul. 7th, 2009 | 11:41 am

The new place is splendid, save for half the company I keep in it. I'm glad Todd has a friend to keep him from being completely bored in this grown-up place. I like it. I wake up on my off-days, and I do the dishes in the sink, put the clean ones away; I change the laundry; I make sure Chuck has food and water and makes his way through the doggie door to take a shit; I wipe down the kitchen counters; I make sun tea; I sit in my underwear at the kitchen table knowing I have at least until 5:30 before either of my flat mates come home; I read on the couch, in complete silence.

Had my first row with Adam last night--in front of company. Knew it wouldn't take long before we started bickering like high school students in an AP Government class. He's the kid with the military dad who weighs people's worth by the amount of guns they know how to fire. I'm the kid with the smart dad who gets invited to all the work parties. They only thing we argree on is to legalize prostitution, but only because his uncle Barry is in jail for getting his dick sucked outside an Arco gas station. This is what it would be like if we were high school students in the same AP Government class. But we're not. We're college graduates living together, and I'm nearly positive Adam doesn't have a Uncle Barry.

My ego always brings me back to  a bumper sticker I saw at one of those mall CD stores once: "I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man." Along side all the "Bitch" and marijuana leaf stickers, I thought it pretty clever. I think the only time I've ever yelled in a real agrument is when an idiot tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. Because--I'm.Fucking.Smarter. How dare you. You haven't been right thus far, it's time to give up.

Only two smart people can argue without raising their voice. One smart person and one idiot will end in barks and condescensions, while the audience seeks to verbally fan the fire (the way it happens in the movies, when the fire starts and the first person on the scene uses a shirt to beat at it, only resulting in a bigger fire and a burnt shirt.)

But I love my new house.

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